Thursday, May 11, 2017

Photography Effects

When carrying out our photoshoot the team plan to use effects such as light exposure and slow shutter photography.

Photography in photoshoots can be powerful. Messages displayed through a single image. But a single, frozen instant doesn't express motion very well, and that’s where long exposures can add another dimension to still photography—the dimension of time. You can take what would be a static image captured at a fast shutter speed and transform it into something dynamic.

This type of photography technique will be extremely affective for our photoshoot as we are aiming to capture the movement between each sex, male and female. This will allow the two models to blur together as one, backing up our theory of 'burring the line's between genders'. This affect will also allow our campaign to stand out from our competitors as photography effects like this tend to not feature in brand campaigns but only in magazine features etc.

Light exposure will be featured in our campaign but will not play as big of a role as the long exposure photography. The light exposure will be used to draw the logo in the photos,  amongst other shapes and logos to create another dimension to the campaign.


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