Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Our Vision

As a group of Fashion Students we decided that the relaunch of Kappa needed to be current and EXTREMELY Fashionable.

Yeezy is a prime example of how we want our brand to develop. Our aim is to create the brand to be gender mutual, blending the lines between men and women.

Kappa has previously had the brand image of being at the lower end of the market due to the class of people who generally wear the brand. This may be due to the fact that the clothing is primarily sportswear. This approach of clothing excludes a lot of people, therefore making Kappa's target market much narrower than it could be if they were to sell street wear.

Our vision is to include consumers from all walks of life therefore we decided to turn Kappa's garments that they sell into streetwear.  th tight clothing placed underneath baggier clothing the clothes also allow a wide range of body types to wear the garments. This will make sure that the newly branded Kappa includes everybody.

This will also could potentially create a larger income for Kappa as the target market will be much bigger. The younger generation have started shopping in both sections of the shop, men and women, no matter what their gender. Since 2016 genderless fashion has become the norm. Now, half of millennials aged 18-34 are on a spectrum, rather than segregated to a ‘male’ and ‘female’ division, according to Fusion’s Massive Millennial Poll. On another poll carried out by Fusion 44% of Generation Z and 54% of Millennial’s said they have only ever shopped for clothes of their own gender. These numbers add up to a generation set to take over the world and they don’t plan to play by the traditional rules of gender.

For our photoshoot we would want to potentially place it in a 'grungy' background. This could be in an abandoned car park or, more fittingly, in a football ground local to where we live. All model's would have their faces covered, whether they are men or women, to allow the lines of gender to become blurred.

Photo effects will also be used in the photoshoot, such as light exposure and slow shutter photography. The slow shutter photography will blur the two models together. We are using this effect as our slogan is 'blending the lines between gender'. Blurring the male and female model together will make it look like there is just one figure in the image.


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