Thursday, May 11, 2017

Kanye West x Yeezy Season 1

As both a lover and a critic of streetwear when Kanye West announced that he was going to debut a line with Adidas I was unsure with how I felt. Was this just going to be another A-list celebrity that would sit back and watch someone else design the clothing and then sign their name on it at the end of the gruelling process? Or was Kanye going to be different? As Kanye is know for being just that, different.

The 95 looks and accompanying footwear – presented in a bleak industrial setting created by contemporary artist Vanessa Beecroft - certainly makes for a bold opening statement, but my opinions of the collection remains divided on the scope, originality and depth of the collection.

Kanye has been so hit and miss throughout his career, in regards to his music, that the fashion line could of been just another miss. However with the plain neutral tones and the accumulation of layers the garments certainly replicated both Kanye and his wife Kim's personal style - and we all know at the moment, whatever Kim Kardashian wears will be on trend all over the high streets within a matter of days.

However it could be argued that Kanye's collections aren't anything that we haven't seen before. Each item of clothing that was presented most people either own or have worn before, it was perhaps just how the clothes were styled together that was the most eye catching point of the show. Boot heels and cycle shorts teamed with a baseball cap and oversized jumper? Who would of thought of that prior to Kanye West?

At 90 looks Kanye's collection runs the risk of loosing its edge due to the sheer unusual bulk of the collection, for a debut. However, consistent with the rapper-cum-designer’s penchant for theatricality, the presentation itself was undoubtedly stunning. Still, questions remain about whether the results live up to the hype.

In conclusion Yeezy Season1was a firm hit for me. The fashion market has changed significantly on the high street and both with other designers now making sportswear that can be also worn as streetwear because of the collection. Bloggers and celebrities have all been seen in the 'Yeezy Style' whether it's clothes actually from the designers collection or high street knock offs. One thing is not to be questioned, Kanye is not just another celebrity that has put their name on someone else's work. He is passionate and talented and that makes him a well respected designer.


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