Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Gender Fluidity

A forever ongoing however current problem within our society is the acceptance of the transition and fluidity between all genders.

Twenty years ago these images would have been accompanied by prurient “oohs” and much vivid speculation over what message these men and women were trying to send. Today such moments are everywhere, a sign that increasingly we define ourselves in less structured, more mutable ways.
And nowhere is that more true than within the millennial generation. Since 2016 genderless fashion has become the norm. Now, half of millennials aged 18-34 are on a spectrum, rather than segregated to a ‘male’ and ‘female’ division, according to Fusion’s Massive Millennial Poll. On another poll carried out by Fusion 44% of Generation Z and 54% of Millennial’s said they have only ever shopped for clothes of their own gender. These numbers add up to a generation set to take over the world and they don’t plan to play by the traditional rules of gender.

Celebrities such as Ruby Rose have allowed the world to become more accepting of those who don't define themselves as one gender. As the role models of our modern day society are opening up about their sexuality and true selves the public are also gaining the courage to freely express who they are.

Who knows, in a few years time there may even be a genderless fashion week, instead of having separate male and female weeks. There's a revolution in history slowly happening and Kappa would be mad not to tap into this growing market. 


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