Sunday, September 25, 2016

Vogue 100

Vogue, the fashion bible. Visiting the Vogue 100 exhibition is something that fashion geeks dream of and for me, that dream became real.

When walking into the exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery I was met with a giant screen with a series of the most recent Vogue cover shoots including stars such as: Dakota Johnson, Brooklyn Beckham and the Queen of fashion, Alexa Chung. 

From there you are transported back in time starting from the most recent, most memorable photos such as the Duchess of Cambridge for Vogue's centennial cover, photographed by Josh Olins. This section is filled of throw backs for those, like myself, who have been obsessed with Vogue from the moment we could read. However, your eyes are quickly distracted from the Duchess; as also included in this section are THOSE pictures of Alexander McQueen and Twiggy, truly marking the iconic moments of our modern Vogue.

Walking through the exhibition you are then taken to the 90's with photographs such as Kate Moss' 'Underexposer', followed by the completely juxtaposed photograph of our former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, captured by David Bailey. As you move from room to room you are taken further and further back in time through the history of Vogue. One of the most iconic pictures, for me, was in the 70's for American Vogue where Helmut Newton captured Grace Coddington, who now works alongside the iconic Anna Wintour, climbing into a pool to help a model adjust her outfit. The photo is not staged, it's completely organic, making this one of the most iconic photos in Vogue's past 100 years.

 Being carried from the 70's all the way back to the 20's you begin to feel a sense of pride when looking at the endless photographs. The amount of British history that Vogue has captured through fashion over the years is surprisingly astonishing. From gay rights in the 60's to WW|| ending in the 40's. 

Vogue 100 is more than just a celebratory event for fashion. It celebrates our English heritage, which as Brits, we are famously proud of. I am delighted to have witnessed yet another moment in English history which people will still speak about in many years to come.


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